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We are a distributor ( supply) for electrical equipment associated with the explosion proof products, fuse, lighting Fixture, junction boxes, emergency stop, push button etc.. We serve and provide solutions to our customers, for electrical applications, particularly for Walsall, Norland, Palazzoli explosion proof, among others:

1. Explosion Proof Walsall / Norland Lighting Fixture,
2. Explosion Proof Junction Box,
3. Explosion Proof Motor Starting Panel,
4. Explosion Proof Palazzoli Plugs and socket-outlets,
5. Explosion Proof walsall Pushbutton,
6. Explosion Proof walsall Emergency Stop
7. Explosion Proof walsall control, protection and signaling device
8. Explosion Proof Cable Glands,
9. Explosion Proof Distribution Panel Boards,
10. Welding Socket Outlet,
11. Panel Distribution Boards,
12. Legrand Plugs and Socket-outlets
13. Fuse Ferraz Shawmut protection, Medium Voltage, general fuses, Miniature fuses Semiconductor fuses special purpose fuse fuse blok and fuse holder.
14. Autonics Timer, Caunter, Dual pid temperature controller, Multi panel Meter, Proximity Sensor, Tacho Meter, PhotoElektric Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Rotary Endcoder

We have an engineering team that is ready at all times to assist your needs on the explosion proof walshall, Palazzoli, Norland, electrical equipment, . If you' re looking for explosion proof walshall, Palazzoli, Norland, electrical equipment, electrical equipment please contact us.

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